Welcome to Luna Technologies. We specialize in automated solutions for light hydrocarbon extraction. Our patent-pending botanical oil extraction system processes up to 18lbs per hour of plant feedstock with the push of a button. We are third-party approved for use in 12 states.

Why Luna Technologies?


Designed for Safety

By starting our design process from a perspective of safety and by following Recognized and Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practices from the outset, Luna Technologies is leading the LPG extraction market in terms of safety and reliability.


With pre-programmed recipes that monitor four pressures, six temperatures, and ten liquid levels hundreds of times per second there is no risk of an operator turning a valve at the wrong time.

Quality & Yield

LunaTech equipment runs colder and has a higher throughput than any other light hydrocarbon manufacturer on the market. Our patent-pending design, automated controls, and low process temperature are unparalleled.

Ease of Operation

The Io extraction system was designed for ease of operation. A single operator can operate multiple Io units and perform post processing tasks at the same time. In terms of labor hours and number of operators, Luna Technologies provides

Hydrocarbon vs CO2 Extraction

LunaTech strives to make the best quality product at the highest throughput available and that is why we have selected light hydrocarbons as our process solvent. Hydrocarbon based solvent extraction produces an end product with a higher cannabinoid count, a wider terpene profile, and offers a higher throughput than other extraction methods.

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