The IO extractor is a fully automated BHO (Butane Hash Oil) extraction system capable of extracting essential oils from 18lbs of plant material per hour. By taking the process control out of the hands of technicians, the Io maintains product quality run after run. And with a full data logging suite, process parameters can be refined to a level previously unavailable to BHO extractors. Temperatures, pressures, and event logs can be reviewed for each step of the extraction process cycle to develop strain specific recipes and to support QA. Our patent-pending dual passive/active solvent recovery technique minimizes cycle times.



Automated Controls

Computer control of the entire extraction process allows users to fine tune extraction recipes to maximize yield and efficiency. Data logging for all process parameters including temperatures, pressures, fluid levels, valve status, and more.

With a pre-programmed recipe monitoring pressures and temperatures hundreds of times per second there’s no risk of an operator turning a valve at the wrong time.

Maintain product quality run after run with precise temperature control with over 12kW of cooling capacity at -40°C.

Every operator is a master extraction artist after their first run! Eliminate weeks or months of apprenticeship-training required for manually controlled hydrocarbon systems. Push-button automation is standard on every unit sold.


Minimize Downtime

LIGHTS-OUT CLEANING – Automated line cleaning process runs overnight or between shifts reducing downtime during operating hours.

CARTRIDGE SYSTEM – Hot-swap prepacked feedstock material columns for 60 second cycle-to-cycle turnaround time.

TOOL-LESS OPERATION – No need to unbolt collection pots, material columns, or hoses: the Io is operated with two buttons and three hand-turn latches.



PROCESSING CAPACITY – Process approximately 18lbs per run (28L) of compacted dried plant material.



• ASME BPVC Sect. VIII., Div. 1
• ASME B31.3
• Class 1 Division 1, Intrinsic Safety
• National Fire Protection Agency 58
• International Fire Code
• National Electrical Code
• California, Oregon, and Washington Fire Codes
• Peer Reviewed for use in AZ, CO, FL, MD, ME, MI,
• NV, OR, PA, & WA.

Safety Features

• Two Emergency Stop Buttons
• Normally closed pneumatically actuated valves
• Facility gas detection interlock
• Facility ventilation interlock
• Seismically engineered where required

Included with Every Purchase


Once the system is installed and ready for operation, free on-site training will be scheduled with the customer. LunaTech’s training will cover operation, maintenance, cleaning, and basic troubleshooting. LunaTech also offers advanced training either in-house at our Portland office, or online.

Customer Support

Minimize downtime when problems arise with real-time live support. Internet connectivity allows the LunaTech support team to connect remotely to each IO extractor for real time troubleshooting.

All LunaTech equipment is provided with a 1-year warranty


LunaTech will work with our shipping partners to assist with scheduling and delivery logistics at the time of order.